Joe Crain lost his job as a weatherman on a Sinclair owned television station in Springfield, IL. His offense was to tell his viewers that he was forced to issue Code Red Days for bad weather that was normal bad weather. In other words he said his company wanted him to lie, not tell the truth.

San Ysidro High Valedictorian Nataly Buhr diverted from her approved address. At first she did the traditional thing of thanking her parents, friends and some select teachers. Her speech began the way most valedictorian addresses begin: She thanked her parents for their love and support, her friends for the memories she will cherish, and a few select teachers for helping her achieve success. Then she told about the negative parts, the counselor that didn't council, the teacher that was drunk. The result was shock. What was shocking that she spoke the truth and the truth had been allowed to function. Another valedictorian went against the common wisdom. Her mike was shut off.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the retiring current press secretary, has told many proven lies.

A third high school valedictorian's mike was shut off when she went against the approved mantra.

Julian Assange is in an extradition hearing for revealing U.S. war crimes.

Edward Snowdon told America they were being spied on and for that he is now a permanent resident in Russia, not for ideological reasons, but he got caught there when the U.S. cancelled his passport. Evo Morales, president of Boliva, had his plane grounded because the U.S. thought Snowdon might be on board.

I know big pharma has lied about their medicines. However, one big pharma CEO told the truth when he said, Valeant Pharmaceuticals chief, Michael Pearson claimed on CNBC, that his company’s responsibility was to shareholders and not customers. I am not sure that makes me feel any better, because he will sell the company's remedies without any sense of responsibility to the lives of those that take his pills. Does that mean lying about trials and effectiveness?

The U.S. lied about WMD and Iraq. It resulted in thousands and thousands of death. Should I believe that grainy video that "proves" Iran his those tankers? The video was shown a day after news about how easy it was to make fake videos was all over social media.

What is wrong with telling the truth?