Monday, February 24, 2014

Friendship through words

I can't remember how many years ago--at least a dozen when a group of women from many countries (US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel, Australia) met on-line through the International Womens Writers Guild.

We started out to do a project together. We selected a site, which in this case was Camden Market in the UK. Then we each came up with characters for a short story but we had to use at least one character from another writer's story.

We edited and polished.

A funny thing happened on the way to publishing. Short stories aren't that much in demand and we all had limited time so the project languished. That is until one of our writers Kindled it.

But something really, really nice happened as well. 

We became friends. 

Some of us met over the years face-to-face but whether it was in person or computer-to-computer the friendships increased.

We shared worries, joys, illnesses, jobs lost and found, jobs we wished were lost, new arrivals naturally and by adoption, fears and hopes. When we published something we celebrated, when we were rejected we publisher... keep at it.

We lost one of our members and mourned.

Some of our emails were with the entire group, other times we broke off and had more private conversations. We shared with words and those words touched our hearts. 

Now our project is available here.

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