Saturday, June 30, 2012

High tech what?????

I admit I like pretty underwear. Even my cotton underwear is in gay colours and matches. Sometimes I match my underwear to my outerwear.


It makes me feel feminine and together.

So when I watching Télémartin this morning, I saw some models wearing pretty underwear. The voice over was saying how it was high tech.

High tech...?

Does it tune into the internet?

Can it open a car door as you approach?

Does it vac as well as our robot vacuum?

No, it helps with cellulite.

Ya right...

Those of you who are older will remember way way way back when panty hose first came out they were supposed to remove the shame of panty lines when one wore slacks. I'd forgotten to be ashamed. I'm still not ashamed.

Will I rush out to buy high tech lingerie...?

I doubt it...

I've grown fond of my cellulite.

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