Sunday, November 23, 2014

Neat freak gets comeuppance

I am a neat freak. 

I admit it.

If I take a piece of paper out, I put it away or throw it away or file it (file being a pile that someday maybe will make it into folders but all the edges align).

I had plans that when we left for Ireland everything would be perfect.

The bed in the nest would be made up for my daughter with perfectly ironed pillow cases and duvet covers.

The warren would have everything in its place and would be cleaned.

All the Christmas presents would be wrapped.

All we would have to do would be to decorate the tree that our friend would buy and leave on the patio, stuff the stockings, and buy Christmas day dinner. We are spending Christmas eve with friends.

However, I didn't count on extra wash. For the first time since 2003 (Rick don't read the next six words) I wish I had a dryer.

I didn't count on a stomach bug.

At the moment there is no clear surface in the flat.  

Last Christmas was wonderful even though I had a cold and we didn't decorate as I had hoped. It was our first Christmas together and it was filled with love and laughter.

This year my daughter will be with me. She won't care that the duvet covers aren't ironed. I suspect she is saner than her mother. 

What gets done gets done. What doesn't doesn't.

Two unneeded papers on a desk means nothing in a world where people live under bombs.

A comeuppance is good for time to time. Still when I look at the cartoon below, I hope the lamp stays in the place it was meant to be.

Translation of a conversation about love at Elisabeth's

Elisabeth: It's been three months with my new boyfriend.

Odette: (she is in her 80s) That's wonderful

Elisabeth: I'm not sure. Usually it is much shorter.

Odette: I've been married to the same wonderful man for 62 years. (Old man with her beams and leaves the store) I say that because he likes to hear it. (She takes her oranges and tomatoes and starts to leave.)

Elisabeth: Odette; Odette wait. Here's a real love story. (she points to Rick and me and tells her how we met 35 years ago but only married in 2013.)

Me: It's never too late for love.

Odette: (takes my hand and nods wisely.

The people in line behind us are smiling.

Does love spread...? Maybe. I hope so.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Lammily, Barbie and Bonnie not to mention Do-Ann


Little girls everywhere play with them.

There's a new one out...Lammily.

She is not fat, but she's not anorexic either. It is possible, I read, to buy paste-on acne and cellulite along with her wardrobe allowing for her to have real-life attributes.

She promotes the idea that average is beautiful, combating Barbie's impossible figure. Barbie arrived on the scene just after I gave up dolls. I succumbed to buying her for my daughter not all that willingly. Her materialism was disgusting. Buy! Buy! Buy!

At least she had careers so there might be something admirable under that long hair and vapid expression.

It was worse when Llara was given Growing up somebody, maybe Skipper. When one twisted the doll's arms it grew breasts.

At the time I was flat-chested and twisting my arms did nothing to improve my bra size so maybe some of my disapproval of the doll was related to that.

My daughter was too old for the Cabbage Patch kids. A cousin looked at one and suggested Cabbage Patch birth control pills might have merit.

For a long time my favourite doll was Bonny Braids. Her parents were comic strip characters Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart and she sold for $6.98. About 7,000 were manufactured daily. Two tufts of hair could be braided, although I wished she had an entire head of hair.

My favourite doll of all time was Do-Ann (ok, I said "not to mention" but I'm mentioning her anyway) given to me when I was six. She wore my three-year old clothes that had been saved in case I had a sister. My younger brother born when I was six, the same age that Do-Ann came into my life, had no need for them.

My grandmother made her. She was a cloth doll with yellow yarn hair and a half smile embroidered on her face.

She was named because I could spell both Do and Ann and not much more.

Do-Ann was for many years, my doll, my daughter, my friend, a cowgirl, a space cadet, a Greek little girl, a Roman little girl, a Princess, a slave (needing to be rescued), my student, a race driver, a patient in the hospital. Her thread eyes were always open requiring me to chide her to go to sleep when I left her at night, although I could never catch her sleeping, despite the many roles and activities she had undergone during the day.

Little girls play with dolls. In primitive societies it might be sticks tied together. In modern day ones dolls can get acne.



Thursday, November 20, 2014



Some families hand down jewels.

Others property.

Our family hands down a license plate.

My dad back in the 1950s had the Mass. plate 49T.

When he moved to Florida, he turned the plate over to me. In Florida he applied for and received 49T.

Thus when he came back to Massachusetts and our cars were parked side-by-side they plates looked the same except for the Florida shape on his.

I had to give up the plate when I moved to Europe.

Years, no make that decades later, when my daughter was in Virginia she too applied for 49T and got it. Now she is back in Massachusetts and just bought a car.

Sigh...49T is taken.

However, CH49T is available.

CH is the call letters for Switzerland.

I think we've updated our family tradition. Who needs jewels anyway?

CH 49 T

I've sent the following email to this sorry excuse of a human being.

I'd love to see everyone of my readers do the same.


That any human would be so cruel to prevent another from doing an act of kindness.

I live in Europe and many people have shown me the story in French about arresting a 90 year old man for feeding the homeless and asked me if the US people are really that disgusting.

Sadly, the answer is yes.

I assume you are not Christian, because that certainly is not the attitude of a Christian.

Donna-Lane NELSON