Sunday, February 07, 2016

History repeats

The first day of January 1939 and Argelès-sur-mer, France had a population of a few 100 people. By the end of the month it was over 100,00 as war refugees from Franco poured in from Spain, a proxy war by the great powers, a training ground for WWII. They were herded into concentration camps along the beach in inhumane conditions.

The Retirada as it is called is now "celebrated" in mea culpas, movies, marches with some shame.
Fast forward to 2015, 2016. Other peoples are being forced from their countries by wars as the "great" powers find a place to sell their weapons. 

The response is no less shameful to these victims.

History repeats itself. 


Merc said...

There would seem to be a collective amnesia for anything that may come too close and rock the boat. That the boat already has holes is secondary.Th trouble with history is that people today just think it is old news and hence has little to offer for the future. A mistake that will lead to even more suffering both outside and in the boat.

Maria said...

We tend to think that what happens to "them" will never happen to "us". Until one day it does.