Thursday, November 23, 2017

Black Friday and Other Christmas Thoughts

Sadly, the idea of Black Friday is spreading to Europe even without Thanksgiving.

For me it doesn't matter. Christmas shopping is done. Rick's presents arrived today. Thank you UPS. Other people's have long been bought, found over the course of the year. I won't have to go into a store until after the holidays.

Even if I hadn't finished, nothing, nothing, nothing would drag me into a store on Black Friday. If I have no choice but to shop, I try and do it when as few people as possible are there. If a store is crowded, I can see no point in entering at all.

My method when I do go in, especially to a chain...go directly to the item wanted. Do not look right or left, buy it and get out as fast as possible and go do something I enjoy.

Malls are the worse with the chain stores. If I find a small shop, preferably with a single owner that won't leave me depressed it can be a little different. These are almost never in the malls. Often it is possible to chat with the owner making the transaction personable and memorable.

Years ago a good friend convinced me to go into a shop in a village in France with beautiful handmade sweaters. I still have the one I bought there and treasure it and the memory.
Another reason I want to avoid Black Friday is that I want to give thoughtful and original gifts. My husband knows not to buy me something that corporations have manipulated him into buying to clutter my home. Although he says, I am hard to buy for, he has been beyond clever in finding things I love like a special book or a Japanese chin sweatshirt neither of which he could never have found in Black Friday chaos.

It still amazes me that people go further into debt for Christmas. Even with a great Black Friday price, if it is put on a charge card, interest charges soon eat up any price savings. Years ago, people had Christmas clubs where they put a few dollars so when Christmas came around, they knew their budget and didn't have to dread bills in January and beyond.

Christmas stockings can still be special, though. My daughter has embroidered ours, including a new one for my husband to say welcome to the family. In the past we've stuffed them with anything from the silly to the delicious. Although I don't need it this year, hard to get Crest toothpaste has always been a special stocking stuffer.

I am looking forward to Christmas. We are planning a tree-decorating-celebrate-the-solstice open house where we can share just being with friends. This year we most likely go to Amadeus for Christmas dinner. Amadeus, the restaurant, not my late dog's grave.

I already have everything I could possible want in life and more--I don't need Black Friday.

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Ellen said...

Hi. Today is black Friday, as you noted. I did not go into a shop, but I did get an announcement that an online yarn shop I've browsed through and always though too expensive is having a sale. Order before 10 am and get a 45% discount. Order over £30 and get free shipping, even outside of the UK. I did not resist. I bought some yarn and will have homemade gifts for next year. I'm working my way through my current yarn stash for homemade gifts this year!
In theory, I agree with you about hating this Black Friday thing, but occasionally, it can turn into a good thing.