Friday, November 24, 2017

Turkey Sandwiches

"What is your favorite food at Thanksgiving," Financial Iconoclast Max Keizer asked Stacey Herbert, his wife, producer and co-presenter Stacy Herbert on his program The Keizer Report.

I understood.

Although Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Europe, we often do anyway, most often finding a restaurant that offers an American Thanksgiving. European restaurants don't do doggy bags for leftovers so no turkey sandwiches the next day are possible.

About 20 + years ago my friends came from Boston for Thanksgiving. My daughter brought the turkey from Germany where she was studying, thanks to a friend with PX Army privileges. She brought the friend too.

We were at the home of my then partner, a lovely Swiss businessman. The next day we got up all having dreamed of hot turkey sandwiches. My partner couldn't believe that we would eat sandwiches for lunch and insisted on making a "real" meal which he did and which he alone ate as we munched down the sandwiches. He would not try the sandwiches. No anger just a shrug on cultural differences.

About three years ago I produced a typical Thanksgiving for a Moroccan couple who had treated me to couscous, a culinary cultural exchange. I was dreaming of hot turkey sandwiches and left over apple pie the next day. My husband lovingly cleaned up everything including packaging all the leftovers for our guests to take home.

No turkey sandwiches.

This Thanksgiving was probably the easiest. I ordered the turkey from the local butcher. A good friend came from Geneva to produce the stuffing. I had been to the American store in Collogny to buy cranberry sauce.

I made apple tarts and cooked the turkey. Our guests brought sweet potato and the best green beans I've ever eaten. We sat down at the table and ate and laughed and laughed and ate happy that good friends could be together.
This morning I woke up knowing that everything needed for turkey sandwiches was in the frigo. And at lunch, I had my long-awaited turkey sandwich.

Life is good!

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Ellen said...

I, too, like a turkey sandwich, but no one else in the family does. I freeze the bigger left over pieces for future meals and I make a wonderful (if I say so myself) turkey, vegetable, barley soup with the carcass and bits of meat.
This year, however, it will not be that way. For one thing, we put off Thanksgiving until next (Dec. 3) weekend. My husband reiterated how much he dislikes left over turkey. In fact, he reiterated how much he dislikes turkey, even fresh out of the oven! Yesterday, I went to Picard and bought their stuffed turkey breast roast. That should be enough for the 5 adults and two little ones on Sunday. I will make a pumpkin pie, though.