Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Springing and Sprunging

Spring hasn't sprung no matter what the calendar says.

Usually at this time we are in shirt sleeves, sipping tea or coffee outdoors in a café.

Two nights ago it snowed in Perpignan, at most a two-time-in-a-decade occurrence.

The Tramantane is howling. Winds are around 77KPH according to

The temperature is hovering at 10°C but it feels much colder because of the wind.

I hesitate to complain as my daughter in Boston awaits the fourth nor'easter in a couple of weeks. The rest of the East Coast residents are battered down.

Europe also is shivering.

I love winter, wind, snow...In December, January, February. 

I am now ready for cherry trees such as the one at the ILO in Geneva and daffodils and long café sits in the sun.

Photo credit David Ryan/Boston Globe

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