Tuesday, June 05, 2018


Ok, I'm not a car lover. To me they are just pieces of metal that get people and things from point A to point B polluting the world as they go.

Granted, some are powerful, sleeker, more comfortable and better engineered.

I find cars boring to look at. We've did 2,000+ kilometres in the a ten-day period and I've seen endless hours of black, white and gray hunks of metal along the autoroute and autobahn.


Every now and then there would be a splash of color.

In this world where corruption, poverty and war dominate, I would like to see happy cars, bright colors, cheery colors, even designs.

I imagine a woman, depressed, Monday morning going to a job she hates. She enters her garage, say an underground parking and all she sees is a gray, black or white blob of metal that carries her to where she doesn't really want to go.

Now supposing she goes to her car and it is a sky blue with a few clouds. Van Gogh type of sunflowers are splashed on the doors. Maybe she feels cheered by the brightness.

What about having famous paintings decorate the cars? I would love a car with an impressionistic painting in blues and violets. Famous or not.

Painted cars would also provide work for artists. Think of all the cars as empty canvases. Millions of job opportunities.

Your personality could be reflected? A golfer? A golfer sinking a putt would be perfect.

Like to knit? Colored yarn with needles sticking out and maybe some knitted sweater in the background.

Love boating? Your boat in the port on the doors.

Another advantage of decorated car is the ease of finding the car in a garage. If you forget exactly where you parked you car, and are faced with a line of almost identical colored cars, you know that Venus on the shell is on yours. There might be a couple of others, but certainly not the same old same old same old same old that currently exists.

The last advantage is car theft. To find a stolen car or a getaway car by year, color and model isn't all that easy if they are one of only three colors. However, how much easier would be if the police were looking for a car with the Mona Lisa on the roof.

I'm probably alone in this thinking but it is my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

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