Monday, December 05, 2005

Olfactory Memories

Barbara is redoing her office/livingroom/kitchen. Gérard has already exposed the beams from several centuries ago and redone the ceiling. He added a fan with lights. However, he left the painting for her.

Yesterday I went to help her paint along with Valerie, a French woman who uses Barbara’s store to sell her T-shirts. There was one beam that was covered with paint and Valerie was applying her heat gun.

The second I walked in I was taken back to Wigglesworth Street when weekend after weekend after weekend after weekend after…I was with my heat gun removing layers and layers of paint. The smell brought it all back.

I think I prefer the memories of brownies baking (assuming Llara and I didn’t eat all the batter first), the cold snowy air, roasting chicken, the salty sea air and fill in whatever thirty blanks you want…

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