Wednesday, January 30, 2013



I'm breathing again. Over the past few months, something I'd attributed to a lingering chest cold and cough had made me breathe harder and harder. Going up stairs left me almost panting.

On my regular cancer check, I mentioned it to the doctor. She suggested perhaps it was asthma?


Other people have asthma. I don't.

She ignored me and prescribed an inhaler.

I followed the directions, turn right, turn left, wait for the click, exhale, inhale, rinse mouth.

I felt nothing, tasted nothing. I tried again. Nothing.

We finally called No. 2 Son who uses the same inhaler and he explained it to me.

This morning I went back to the pharmacy. In Switzerland the pharmacist can do a lot more than American pharmacists. They give all kinds of info.

One of the young women behind the counter gave me the same directions as I was given yesterday.

"But I didn't feel anything or taste anything?" I said.

The other woman said, "You won't. I use the same thing, but trust me, it works."

I did, went home and twisted, clicked, exhaled, inhaled, rinsed.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...for the first time in months I'm breathing normally. I barely coughed all day.

We may have something here.

I read up on asthma and they did say there might be a connection to an esophagus problem the same problem with which I've scared my friends from time to time as I writhe in pain.

So maybe the doctor was right...asthma...

I want to tell my body to behave itself. Be good lungs Stop with these tricks, okay?



Don't know about you but at this point in my life I just want my body to cooperate and work as it always has. Not so. It balks and wants to do its own thing. Whew.
Thanks for sharing and so glad you are breathing better.
Hang in.
Blessings, B

DL NELSON said...

You are so right...makes us congratulate ourselves on what still works.

Anonymous said...

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