Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Pouring is an understatement.  For the last two days the rain has not pit-a-patted on the roof, but sounded more like the Edinburgh tattoo’s largest marching bands. The river, which is usually grass is threatening to run over the banks.

My friend Lydia and I went to check out the beach. We saw waves out in the sea that were several stories high, looking more like geysers.

Those hitting the beach were up to five meters.

Then we checked out the other beach. The water had come up to the houses hiding the long beach. There too the geysers rose and fell many metres out and the once hitting in the beach were at least five metres.

The water under the foams was the colour of milk chocolate from the sand picked up.

Un-damaged was the wine bottle tree outside one of the bars closed for the season.

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