Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random adventure

“Name a track,” my housemate said.


We rushed up to catch the train and didn’t know its destination, Lucerne, till we pulled out of the Geneva train station. Armed with passes that would let us ride all the trains and buses in Switzerland we decided to just pick randomly what we did all day.

Never, ever do we get tired of the Swiss countryside and even though it is allegedly spring, the snow added to the magic of the day. It was like looking at beautiful black and white postcards in a country that is a postcard.

Three hours later we ended up in Lucerne and as we walked through the train station we saw a clock with its time keeping for the world (although it hadn’t allowed for various countries changing to daylight savings times on different dates.) As the second were counted off little red dots traced the movement of time.

“You have to walk across the bridge,” my housemate said referring to the landmark Chapel Bridge from the 17th century which was rebuilt in the 90s after a fire destroyed it. No problem at all. 

She was sure she remembered a restaurant where she’d eaten earlier and walking through the old town, she found it as fast as any homing pigeon. We devoured spinach späzli in a cheese sauce.

Back at the train station, it was her time to name a track for the next step in our random adventure. 


Oops that was a local train. 

On track 5 a train was ready to pull out. Thus we ended up in Zug, followed by Zurich. From Zurich we hopped a train to Biel/Bienne and made another change toward Geneva via Neuchâtel, my old stomping grounds.
One should never come between my housemate and her afternoon coffee and the cart came by just in time and perhaps a quarter of an hour late. In a chat with the waitress at the restaurant, my housemate so charmed the young woman, that we left with an Easter cake that disappeared almost as fast as the coffee.

 Now we need to start planning our next adventure.


Rick said...

The stained glass world map behind the clock is striking ...

Sue Guiney said...

I love that idea. And I love traveling by train. What fun! And great photos.

Karyn said...

You girls are just too much - pick a number - really are you serious? I think I need to live a little closer :)