Friday, September 09, 2016


A pot of tea and a book at La Noisette.

A light breeze.

Miscellaneous friends walking by exchanging greetings.

Then a woman stopped at my table.

I looked.

She looked.

"Louise," she said.

I jumped up and we hugged and hugged.

I hadn't seen her for ten years. She was one the daughter of one of the summer people. The house she rented was across the street from mine. Her son's bedroom window faced mine and we exchanged good mornings and good nights every day they were there.

She was one of those people where our minds clicked despite age and nationality differences.

She is only here until tomorrow.

She was late but still had time of a noisette before more hugs and her rushing off.

We'll meet up for champagne at La Côté Place tonight with our new men in tow.

Life's surprises are truly gifts.

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