Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Dead is dead

Paris finally shut the lights off at the Eiffel Tower to mark the death of those caught in the bombing in St. Petersburg.


It seems when western people are killed in a horrific human-made tragedy the western world suddenly claims "Je suis..." or their Facebook picture takes on the color of the flag of the country where the attack occured.

But then if it is in Asia, the Middle East or Africa there is a so what attitude. After all the dead, aren't what.

No one seems to care about all those babies born in Iraq deformed from US uranium depleted bullets or the 1000+ Gaza victims of one of the Israeli wars.

And then there's the finger pointing. Assad did it. Or Russia did it. Or Isis. Not us, we wouldn't do anything wrong.

Maybe because the west just cares when only there own are dead, the rest of the world does care. And maybe, just maybe that might create the next attack.

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