Monday, April 10, 2017


It was a perfect Sunday, waking to church bells and birds singing.

A lovely cuddle, breakfast, a bit of reading, a bit of chores. A wonderful breakfast made by my
husband in our newly well-organized kitchen which we accomplished as a team.

The weather was so beautiful we had to go for a walk thru the veggie gardens and along the so-called river.

The water was clear and gurgly and we played music along the blue bridge. A few thistles reminded us of our trip to Scotland in the fall.

Back in the village we saw a sign for a new crêperie which will be opening soon and we monitored whether the confetti from carnival was still in the brick wall (It was and we had found another piece in our flat)

I made mac and cheese with four local cheeses and a spinach, tomato and garlic veggie also from nearby farms. Fresh strawberries were for dessert.

It was time to do a bit of reading, a bit of writing.

There is not one thing exciting in any of this, but at the same time the feeling of peace and contentment could not have been higher.