Friday, April 28, 2017

Walking the hill

Enter six Congressmen’s offices. 

Look at their blue rugs, dark wood furniture.

See symbols of their state, family photos

Repeat our story

There were ten of us. We explained the damage FATCA was doing to individuals

  • how it was unconstitutional-unlawful search and seizure
  • how it hurt American business overseas as well as the image
  • No one can give figures on what it brings in or how many tax cheats caught
  • It brands all American expats as terrorists, drug dealers, sex traffickers and/or tax cheats.

Four Congressmen had their aids talk to us. Two were well versed and/or extremely interested. One was new to the job.

For me, the views of most of the men I met are abhorrent. They are anti-climate, anti-women’s right to choose, anti everything I hold near and dear. Yet on this issue we are in agreement.

It was the Republicans who are working on this issue and the Democrats who are fighting it and the Republicans are hoping to capture Democratic voters overseas.

FATCA goes beyond party loyalty. It violates the 4th and 8th amendment of the Constitution. It costs more than it brings in. It hurts American business as well as individual.

There was a hearing much like the ones shown on TV with the bank of congressmen seats, many empty, but with their aids taking notes.

Political theater.

There were congressmen who didn’t know what they were talking about, but we were there to educate them. I believe we were more successful than not. What that will do to change anything is unknown.

There was the Democratic architect of FATCA who twisted in the wind with misinformation and said that it didn’t matter if FATCA caused people to renounce. There are others to take their place. Her hand was next to the Army uniform belonging to one of the renouncers. He had no choice if he wanted to refinance his condo. I spoke to her during the recess and told her
  • You don’t know what you are talking about
  • You should try living overseas
  • You have ruined thousands of lives.
 I have a great contempt voice. 

Later she said she would like FATCA extended. That means everyone in America would have all their financial information submitted to the IRS including when they bought gas, the new dress, never mind their 401K, roll of Scotch tape bought at Staples on a debit card. 

The hearing ended and we traipsed to another building for a press conference. It can be heard here.

1 comment:

John Richardson said...

Thanks for playing a major role in the fight against FATCA and U.S. tyranny.

Some people "believe it because they see it" - these are the people who understand the harm FATCA and the U.S. policy of "taxation-based citizenship"

Other people "see it because they believe it" - these are people who are support FATCA and claim that FATCA does not harm, American citizens, the citizens of other nations and America itself.

I was shocked by the foolishness, stupidity and callousness of the witness for the FATCA supporters.

She would never let the facts get in the way of her purely ideological beliefs.

Looking forward to reading your FATCA novel!