Friday, December 01, 2017

Simple living

I admit it -- I'm a minimalist.

Here is my cup and glass closet.

We have:
  • 6 champagne glasses bought as a going out of business sale from a friend
  • One French coffee press--we don't drink much coffee. The press works for guests.
  • One tea pot
  • One set of espresso cups, saucers and pot bought at a vide grenier for 10 euros
  • A water pitcher with five matching glasses bought at a vide grenier for 15 Euros
  • Four of six cups made by our local potter. Easy to replace if dropped.
  • Heart sugar and creamer
Not shown 10 wine glasses left by the last owner and plates.

What do you do if you have a lot of guests, you may ask.

We prefer to entertain no more than three people at a time. We have had one large get together in four years.  We are planning a second event, a Solstice celebration/tree decorating open house later this month which will have more people than our dish/glass stock.

We are planning vin chaud and nibblies and I will get paper products. We've been here about 1,460 days. I see no reason to be bogged down with extra stuff for two of those days.

The things in the closet all fill one or more of my three criteria for owning anything:
  1. Useful
  2. Beautiful
  3. Has a memory
I don't need more and I certainly don't want more stuff cluttering up my life. 

Looking forward to the Solstice Celebration.

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Ellen said...

This is my dream. However, we do have family over -- today, 7 at the table for our delayed Thanksgiving. At Christmas time, the house will be full -- one daughter living temporarily with us until she finds the next apartment of her dreams, the family of 4 coming over from Paris, the family of 5 coming from England, the couple of 2 coming up from the SW, and us 2.
One project is for the kids to go down to the basement to identify which things they have left us over the years are to be dumped, donated, or kept for them to take away -- soon!