Sunday, January 07, 2018


My daughter and her step father, my beloved husband, are more alike in movie tastes than I am even with no related DNA.

Last night Rick put on a James Bond movie. I don't know which one and it had Daniel Craig. I may not be typical, because I know many women find him sexy. I find him creepy even though I usually like blue eyes and blond hair.

I watched for a few minutes.

He and a woman were walking through a Day of the Death parade. She led him to a motel room, but he went out and walked on a ledge above the parade and came across a gun where he proceeded to kill a bunch of people through a window across the street.

Then the building blew up and he slid down the crumbling building and landed on a couch, a bit dusty, but the dust disappeared as he went into the crowd who didn't notice a building collapsing.

There was a man he was trying to catch and after this accident which should have left him in intensive care if not a funeral home, the two men had a fight in a helicopter flying over the crowd.

Helicopter did do some amazing flying if it wasn't a special effect. But it went on and on and on and on and on and on...I could have had time to get a snack.

The crowd seemed to ignore them. No one seemed to notice a building collapsing in a neighborhood. No one noticed that gun shots had killed a bunch of people. No one paid any attention to a helicopter flying upside down above them, sometimes with people hanging out the door.

Overall special effects boor me. Ya, they are clever for a few minutes at best but let's get on with the story. There was one movie I walked out on when it took a full five minutes for a car to fall off a cliff, and not a very big cliff at that. Five minutes after I looked at my watch. I've blocked the title from my memory and am happy it was only a five Euro movie.

What I like in movies is story, story, story with deep and well thought out characters that are tested.

It can even be movies like Shrek. I adore Donkey and Puss.

Limited violence is okay, but war scenes past, present, future, bring to mind real war, with real suffering at the hands of corrupt leaders. The evening news is enough.

I can like silly movies...Every now and then a good nincompoopy movie as my friend calls some chick flicks can take my mind off more serious issue, personal and public if there is a reasonable story behind it and the characters are believable.

If Rick had wanted to, he could have watched the whole thing. We don't have to agree any more than my daughter and I have to agree on movies.  I didn't care if they ever explained Bond's miracle of landing on a couch unhurt or where the dust on his clothes went.

In the end we both went to bed and read as the rain poured down outside and the wind blew. It was a nice night anyway.

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