Thursday, January 11, 2018

His face

When the man walked into La Noisette, I did a triple take. His resemblance to my father, when my Dad was younger, was striking, especially the chin, face shape and eyes. His eyebrows were slightly thicker than my Dad's but the baldness was the same.

However, my father died 35 years ago.

Unlike my father, the man at La Noisette did not wear glasses.

Three more times at La Noisette, I saw him. And when I was having a blood test, he was at the lab too. The last time I went up and mentioned how much he looked like my father. He wasn't sure how to respond. I thanked him for the memories.

I just found this photo of my Dad, taken at the surprise party with all the aunts and uncles to announce that he was going to be a grandfather. He was the last of the siblings to have a grandchild and he had teased them so much they all asked me to tell them first when I was pregnant for some loving payback. It was great party with joke gifts.

I still miss my father. Due to family dynamics, I did not know him as a child. When I was at university, he appeared. He had been afraid of rejection, but my wonderful stepmom encouraged him to make contact. We developed a wonderful relationship.

There is one major difference. My father smiled a lot. The man at La Noisette does not. Yet, seeing his look alike, smiley or not, brings back all the good memories.

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