Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Teachers and guns

It's been eons since I've been in high school, and as most teens I had things to worry about such as math tests and would Rick (my first husband not my second) was going to ask me to the junior/senior prom. Would the blue sweater in the store window I saw on the way to Torre's for a sundae with the chocolate spilling over onto the silver saucer, match my blue plaid skirt.

I never worried about a gun man shooting up my school.

Now the idea is to arm teachers. I couldn't help but wonder what those wonderful men and women, who opened the world to me, would use for weapons.

Mr. Spenser taught Latin and coached the senior play. I wonder if would have selected one of the Roman Army weapons.

I bet Mr. Aldrich, who taught U.S. History would like a Revolutionary War rifle.

Sally Stembridge taught English. She was thin with short, red curly hair. I can picture her strutting down the hall with a Glock on her hip. Athletic. I can just see her at the firing range, goggles and headphones hitting a bullseye every time.

Zimmy, Dr. Zimerman, taught me biology, chemstry and anatomy. Despite being in range of retirement she was a very with-it lady. I bet she would go for a AK15.

And when Mr. D'Orlando, one of my all time favorite teachers, taught Shakespeare, I bet a crossbow might be his weapon of choice.

As I write this, I find the idea of any of them armed as ludicrous.

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