Sunday, February 04, 2018

"There's an R in Paw?" Rick asked after I mentioned Sherlock's paw. "Is that where they go?"

Okay, more teasing about my Boston accent. We have had some real misunderstandings about it. Like when I said I was going to the yarn store and he thought we had a Chinese store with the name Yan.

And then when I was with college friends, he said they had a problem understanding them. I said, they talked like I did. 

His response, "I know."

When on a tour with many Bostonians or at least people who lived in the area, he said he knew we were in the right part of the breakfast room, because all he heard was my twang, although I don't call Beantown's accent a twang.

He suspects that somewhere there is a trunk filled with the letter R left over from all the cahs, Hahvard, wohlds, wohds, etc. spoken that I bring out for insertion into words that never were intended to have an R sound.

That's wicked cute.

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