Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hotel breakfasts

An unusual timer where the sand went up. Three minutes for a good cup of tea.

I love, love, love hotel breakfasts, especially those in Germany. This morning's Frühstück lived up to my expectations. Because we'll be here three more mornings, I could concentrate on somethings and plan for the tomorrows.

Because Rick had left early for his conference, I was alone, which left me people watching. There was a black woman who spoke neither German or English, but was still able to get coffee. I couldn't determine the language, but I was jealous of her almost perfect body.

A German businessman with his glasses pushed to the tip of his nose planned a meeting. I could understand some of what he was saying, but not enough to take a quiz.

A middle-aged couple, seemingly on holiday because of their casual clothes,  were chatting and smiling at one another.

A group of four Americans, also in casual clothes, were in the back corner of the room. Their voices carried throughout the dining room.

I had brought a book to read as I sipped my tea after I scoffed down salmon, chesse, fruit, fresh-baked rolls. The timer to determine when my tea was brewed was unlike any I'd ever seen with the sane going up in liquid.

A truly pleasurable start to the day.

And off to enjoy a city where I loved living a lifetime ago.

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