Tuesday, September 04, 2018


The little dot above is about the size of the bugs that invaded our patio last winter. The little suckers (literally) hurt when they bit although we could barely see them during an attack.

I keep a tablespoon in the bathroom. By running hot water on the spoon and applying it to the bite, the itching stops. There is the moment of pain when the hot spoon touches the skin. However, it is more effective than any cream I've ever used even the best ones.

We tried everything. 

Getting rid to all the plants and dirt.


Potting plants that bugs were supposed to hate.

The infestation continued.


I think it increased their fertility.

We had the patio painted.

They must have liked the new fresh white paint.

As suddenly as they came, in August, they decided to leave, although a couple entered the house for a few last nibbles. 

We are once again enjoying meals on the patio.

Rick is planning to redesign the patio with a chimera we can use on cool fall nights or winter days for heat. We are looking for sculptures to use as decoration in place of plants. The green world will be pleased because when green thumbs were being distributed, we were in the liver line.


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