Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Yes to Nike

I'll start by saying I never wear a brand. If I buy something with a logo, I cover it.

Someone gave me a beautiful Nike sweatsuit. I covered the logo with three kittens. I will wear a brand name only when I am paid to be a billboard, although it hasn't happened yet.

On the other hand I applaud Nike's poster of Colin Kaepernick and the "Just do it" message.

When he kneels during the national anthem it is not dishonoring the song, for that is what it is, a song. America is much more than a song.

He is not anti-vet. Many vets support his actions.

He is delivering a message that there is a horrible wrong in the country, especially for blacks.

The reaction by many is to shoot the messenger.

He joins a long line of dissidents who do what they can to prove wrongs and work to correct them, starting with people like Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine, George Washington. It continues with people like Susan B. Anthony, Margaret Sanger, john Lewis, Bill Baird.

Had there not been protests and people taking what was unpopular stances to certain classes there would be
  • No America
  • No women voting
  • No legal birth control (never mind abortion)
  • No 5 day workweek
  • No holidays
  • No safety regulations for dangerous occupations
  • More closed doors in education and work for blacks/women
And that is just a short list of all the things we take for granted, because someone dared to stand up to the prevailing daily American life of the time thanks to hard-fought dissent.

Even if he were wrong, that unarmed blacks aren't being shot in the back by police and shut out of opportunities that whites take for granted.

As a white woman, I've benefited from those who have fought for my rights. I want everyone, regardless of the type of minority to have the same rights an opportunities.

Thank you for taking a commercial risk, Nike.

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