Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Falcon 6X

Ever since I was inside a Falcon private plane, I have kidded my husband I want their new Falcon 6X.

I imagine myself calling my pilot and saying, we'll meet you at Perpignan for a flight to Geneva this afternoon.

Then I imagine myself in the interior ala Criminal Minds on the way to a crime flying over Grenoble on the way home rather than taking the train or the long drive. Perhaps we will be able to make a snack in the kitchen. To be frugal, we didn't buy one with a shower.

I have to remind myself that for over 20 years I didn't even want a car. And the two cars we have owned were both used costing far less than the 6X would.

Well my husband gave me the Falcon 6X, a great feat considering it is still being built. This is a model. A big one as models go. Now all I would have to do to enter it would be to shrink myself down to the size of a Lego woman to enter.

I suspect that this is the only 6X I will have. Sigh.

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