Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Another failure (but closer)

Rick and I often entertain by making breakfasts for friends. I had the brilliant idea to make decorative fried eggs and bought a rabbit and owl mold.

The object?

Serve the animals on the plate along with homemade bagels.

After repeated tries, I still have not mastered the eggs but I am getting closer.

Here's what works so far (and doesn't).

You need the mold, eggs, butter, fry pan, spatula, eggs. Two should do it if nothing goes wrong but better to have extra for when the yolks break.

Take the mold and rub all inner surfaces with butter or oil. Heat butter or oil in the pan, place the mold in the pan and press down. The idea is so no egg white will escape. Doesn't always work.

Separate yolks and white and pour the whites in every part of the mold including the eyes. Some will leak out around the mold.

Drop the full yolk into the eye holes and let cook.

Cut the whites that seeped out from the yolks away from the yolk.

 Transfer the eggs with the mold to a plate. Here I thought I had won. But it wasn't to be.
I almost had the mold off when I realized that the right eye was leaking and the left had torn away from the eyebrow area.

Disaster. It looked like the bunny had been attacked by a predator. I am now thinking I should cover the pan and let the egg yolk cook until the egg hardened.

Meanwhile we may invite people to breakfast but Rick makes a mean scrambled egg with no mishaps.

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