Wednesday, January 09, 2019


This is not a doughnut. It is shampoo, part of our attempt to cut down on the use of plastic. It's not easy.

I can eliminate detergent plastic bottles with powder BUT when I opened the box, the powder was in plastic bags. Still it is an improvement.

Liquid soap can be replaced with the bar soap. My favorite is Dove.

Juices and soft drinks can come in recyclable cans and bottles, but cranberry juice is only sold in plastic bottles. I wrote them, as an exercise in feeling better about it. I don't expect a response. No more cranberry juice. Milk is sold only in plastic. Since milk makes me gag, I tend to use it only in cooking. The ocean will not be clogged with my milk purchases.

I almost never use cling film or aluminum foil preferring the beeswax wraps. I never used plastic containers because I didn't want my food touching plastic any more than I would cook with teflon because of the chemicals. We have mason jars for storage.

I still need to find bar hair conditioner.

I doubt if we will be able to find non-plastic mouth wash and considering my ability to drop things, a glass container in the bathroom might lead to increased use of bandaids.

On cleaning products I never got into the hype that I needed thousands of different products. My dish washing liquid was used for everything. Dental tablets worked great on the toilet.

I am underwhelmed with the bar shampoo, and I know there are other brands available. When I use it, I remember that once every housewife would make her own soap out of fats and ashes.

We will never be a plastic-free household. Our small lack of contribution to the sea of plastic filling our dumps and oceans, is infinitesimal. Maybe when I talk about it, someone else will start to cut back and they will motivate someone else and it will spread.

The other problem I have with my shampoo, is every time I use it, I imagine going into Dunkin' Donuts and getting a doughnut straight from the oven or a crispy cruller. I can almost smell them baking.


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