Monday, June 02, 2008

Planning meals

Years ago when I worked with Polaroid our Secretary Nancy who was pregnant and the other girls would start talking about what we were having for lunch at dinner over morning coffee. I often think about my meals while still in bed between reading and getting up: I also plan what to wear and the days activities, all which can be modified as needed. On today's menu:
The last of the raspberry/cinanmon/oatmeal/linseed pancakes and melon. A bowl of tea
Gaspacho made with tomatoes, carrots, celeric, pepper, cukes, corriander (if it stays rainy and cold I will add beans and macaroni and call it minestrone)
Artichoke and sweat potato
Banana, figs
Everything except the bananas is locally grown. Scarlett O'Hara I'll think about it tomorrow.

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