Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Why I love France

Fish are still coming in, but with the fishermen irregularly blocking the ports to protest high fuel prices, which are running about $9 gallon, one is never sure what will be available.
The French strike if someone is thinking about thinking about considering maybe thinking about one of their rights might be taken away. I suspect even Sarkozy has a dream about reducing a right, a strike will be organized.
Perhaps if more Americans protested that they didn't have health care (the BBC did a program on a Brit that is bringing free medical aid into the poor in the South..American is getting foreign aid from Brits and Chavez) and the destruction of the Constitution, the country would be in better shape. Habeas Corpus might even be restored.
As for oil prices, sadly, we all need to stop driving as much as we do, buy only the most fuel efficient cars possible and demand public transportation, use bikes and walk. I still consider every time a car is turned, the planet dies just a bit more and yes, I do participate in planet killing.
Meanwhile, on the 40th anniversary of May 1968 the spirit of saying no to policies that hurt the people is alive and well and my local fishmonger still has fish to sell and give a way a recipe or two along with local gossip

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