Friday, May 23, 2014

The laundry saga part III

It's great to share chores.

With all three occupants of the house helping out on laundry, things can get confusing. My housemates J and R have already blogged on what I now call the Great Laundry Caper of May 22nd. You need to read their blogs to see how things got washed more than once.

Part I
Part II

My part had to do with the brown slack mystery that left J scouring the house for her hopefully clean pair that she wanted to take to the mountains..

As I was slaving away on the newsletter, J asked about her brown slacks?
I was innocent. To humour her I checked my closet.


There they were. Seems when I scooped the nicely folded dry laundry from the guest bedroom where Rick had left it, they were in my pile.

She was happy that the mystery of the missing slacks had been solved so she could pack them before leaving for the mountains.

The good part of all this is we have clean, clean clothes and none of us did all the work.

If too many cooks spoil the broth, how many launderers and laundresses does it take to lose the brown slacks?

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