Friday, October 02, 2015

Bernie and Babette

Cats don't vote and even if they did, a Swiss cat can't vote in America, but I think Babette might like to.

I was on my bed, my iPad propped on my stomach listening to a speech by Bernie Sanders. Babette walked up my legs and rested her head in such a way that it looked like a totem.

My camera was downstairs, one of those perfect shots that will never be captured.

Bernie kept talking, Babette kept purring.

Hmmmm...or rrrrrrrr


Maria said...

Cats understand more than they let on. Our Anton used to love to watch the news. I have a picture in some file with him fixedly watching the news where they showed protesters setting trash bins on fire. Knowing his nature, I'm sure he was memorizing their methods to try some things himself!

Anonymous said...

Babette is just reflecting her owner's love of Bernie!