Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Last night we watched the last episode of Season 3 House of Cards. Arghhhhh, a cliff hangar.

Even if I wanted to cheat and read how the situation is resolved, I can't. IMDB has not posted any Season 4 summaries.

This morning, over my cup of tea, I realised how much more pleasant DVDs are than watching a program on television.

The reason.


The US is the worst for commercial breaks. I feel I am watching advertising broken up by some kind of entertainment. Two lines of the story than umptyup commercials.

Brit adverts, as they call them, may not be as frequent but they go on forever and ever. One can almost wash and dry a load of laundry during those breaks.

French ones are somewhat shorter. Some stations which run perhaps three episodes of a series back-to-back, might start a new episode immediately after the old one ends and then ten or so minutes into it will do the pub as it is called. Rather clever to hook you in case you reached for the remote between shows.

DVDs at least save us from all that. They may start off with the threat that they will burn down your house if you copy or misuse it.

My housemate and I got hooked on DVDs with Grey's Anatomy. They became part of our DNA with Gilmore Girls. I still miss Lorelei and Rory.

In Argel├Ęs, I answered the door one night to find a season DVD of The Good Wife in the hall and hiding around the corner was my housemate who had come down from Geneva. Twice we have had Good Wife festivals, back-to-back watching with favorite snacks and even champagne.

Ballykissangel Rick and I bought and watched but my housemate took it up to the mountains. I almost heard her scream of frustration at the events in a season's end episode.

There are other loved series, watched together or shared.

The only disadvantage to NOT having the commercials/adverts/pub is having to push the pause button for a pee break.

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