Friday, October 02, 2015

The Oxford comma

Rick and I agree on most things. In the three years we’ve know each other there has been only 2.5 times I’ve been annoyed or angry at him and he has shown exasperation with me only once. Consternation doesn’t count.

Even in politics we will each roll out information and both of us modify our opinions as needed.

However, one place we don’t agree on is the OXFORD COMMA.

The Oxford comma is placed before the coordinating conjunction after a series of three or more items.

I love ice cream, chocolate, and champagne. Even putting that comma in there my fingers quiver and a little voice says, “Don’t, don’t.” Well maybe not so little.

A comma replaces the word and. Thus when I used the Oxford comma, I wrote I love ice cream and chocolate and and champagne.

I don’t care that Colin Dexter, creator of the Morse mysteries wrote in the dedication of his The Remorseful Day, “For George, Hillary, Maria, and Beverly (Please note the Oxford comma)” I believe what he said was For George, Hillary, Maria and and Beverly.

As for the with and without example, I suspect very few people would think that the orange juice really was on top of the egg-filled toast.

We can agree to disagree.

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