Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Introduction

Petite Cougar,Thé Noir and Miel were on the bed just chatting when they heard thump, thump, thum.

They looked down and saw a Penguin.

"Who are you?" Petite Cougar asked.

"I'm Polly Penguin. I've just moved in."

"You're a lot bigger than the rest of us," Thé Noir said.

"Wait till the others hear about this," Miel said.

Petite Cougar invited Polly up on the bed.

"I can't fly and it is too high jump," she said.
 Polly is one smart penguin. By pushing cushions and stools she was able to join the others. I am sure there will be more adventures to follow. After all Scoob 2 participated in a Take Your Scooby to Work Day in Boston.

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