Sunday, January 17, 2016

Between old fart and too young

I'm vain. 

I admit it. 

At 73 I want to look my best but not as the saying goes by becoming mutton dressed up as lamb.

I know a woman, Bambi. She has long blond hair in a pony tail and bangs/fringe. She dresses as she did when she was a model in the 1960s. She has the body for the mini shirts, halter tops and shorts. Her face reflects her age. It is in the 60s.

Although I am not fat at 57 kilos, mini skirts, shorts etc. I definitely am not a Bambi.

I also have seen women my age dressing like grannies.

Nope. Boring. 

Nor do I don't want to have a stuffy look yet that many Swiss women select. I don't need stockings and gloves to go to town or the grocery.

Although I love my more bohemian puffy pants and layered dresses that I wear in France just wouldn't feel right. They are fun and comfy.

And I love pretty matching lingerie. No one but my husband will see those colors or lacy thingies.  Even when I was single my underwear was important. It makes me feel feminine even on the worst days. I might even strut when I think of it when I'm out of the house.

In both places I accessorize my outfits with a variety of scarves and fun earrings. One of the advantage of the chemo baldness is I have two wigs and I can vary length for the earrings, but I still want my own hair back someday. I also have some very sedate earrings like my gray pearl ones.

I am not mutton. 

I am not lamb.  

There is a song I gotta be me. But not to the point of being ridiculous.

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Stephanie Gaunt said...

As a women in her 60s with a real interest in fashion I find clothes shopping infuriating - most things are either for little girls, 'ladies' - and I'm no lady - or the fort of older woman who wears yards of flowing linen etc.