Friday, January 01, 2016

3 New Years

"You're serious?" Rick mumbled.

I'd just woken him to tell him it was 5:56 and ask if he wanted to catch the ball dropping in Times Square.

He rolled over and put on the television. It would be our third celebration of the arrival of the new year.

The first was at my old home. We were  unusual for a Geneva group of six: we were only from two countries: four from the US and two Brits.

Under it's a small world we discovered that Rick had gone to the U of Illinois as had Paul. A special guest was the 94-year old Father, who had come across the channel for the holiday. The number was the only thing old about him.

We mumphed down some great cheeses, foie gras, salmon, aubergine caviar, topped off with champagne. There were even crackers to pull with messages inside. And since none of us are spring chickens, we made 10:30 the official new year and went home.

On Swiss television we watched the New Year come in. RTS2 has a hall full of people dancing in conga line and dancing. Many were in national costumes and reminded me of the many fashings and fests I'd attended in Germany when I had been a bride of an Army musician and his 7th corp band were in demand to perform.

At midnight the count down was flashed on screens across the hall. The only logo was on the top of the screen, left hand side, saying which station we were watching.

Now to New York and this morning. 

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin exchanged comments, an unknown singer sang and the ball began to drop. It was hard to see because of the logos behind it.

I can safely say after very three different welcomings-in, 2016 is definitely here.

Happy New Year everyone.

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