Sunday, January 03, 2016

Foil vs. bottles

I once watched my beloved step mom arrange her medications in this type of box thinking that she had too many medications. For her it was useful as her dementia increased.

I dislike taking pills and try always to do the natural first, but I failed with my blood pressure. I also have an acid stomach...two pills needed daily.  Then chemo means another pill here and there.

It has been years since I've seen the childproof orange pill bottles in real life that should read adult proof more than child proof. I don't miss the struggle to open them.

I know that other types of containers can be dangerous. Kimm, my German Shepherd, got into an envelope of tranquilizers bought to keep her calm during an international flight.

She lived but that was the most mellow day of her life. My brother once took some of my mother's hormones. She called the doctor. "Don't worry until he starts chasing you around the house," he laughed.

Medicines do need to be kept out of reach of those that don't know any better.

Swiss and French medicine come in tin foil packets. No struggle.

With no children in the house, I have no worries about children getting into medication.

Of course, a child overdosing is no laughing matter, but I am happier with tin foil packets. I'd be happiest still with no medication.

Still, I refuse to go with the weekly box and hopefully never will

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