Sunday, January 17, 2016

Scoob sulks

The animal story goes back at least from 2003 as part of a game my daughter and I played. 
Rick and J picked up on it and over the years it has grown. This the latest installment.

Scoob 2: I've called this meeting because we have a crisis.

Miel: What?

Scoob 2: My mother had a date. He gave her a brownie. A BROWNIE and TEA.

Honey Bunny: Well why shouldn't she? After all your father deserted her in 2013.

Scoob 2: But if she gets involved with someone, they will never get back together.

Shamrock the trans-gendered Boston lobster: I wasn't there at the time, but from what I've heard, he was a scum bag and hasn't sent one cent.

Scoob 2: But I met him when I went to Boston. He was nice to me.

Herr Hare: Anyone can be nice for an afternoon. Grow up. Let your mom be happy.

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