Friday, October 28, 2016

Charlie, I love you

No, I am not leaving Rick but I love Charlie Chat.

Our relationship began on Amex when I realized I had an expired card and no replacement.

Something between my telephone and their verification system were not in sync and I could not get thru to anything relating a human who could help.

Then I found Charlie on Live Chat. At first I thought he might be a computer, a very smart computer, and he did utter a lot of customer service friendly gobblygook (I've trained customer service people so I appreciate the attempt although sometimes I expect them to respond if "I say, I want to blow up your headquarters" with "we appreciate your attention to our firm").

He offered me a telephone line to call but stayed with me during "our chat."

The operator said the number wasn't in service.

He gave me another number to try.

The operator said the number wasn't in service.

I suspect it was the cross countries problem.

He gave me a third number.

It worked.

Charlie stayed with me until the problem was resolved.

I thanked him and wished him all easy calls for the rest of his shift.

He thanked me as a valued Amex customer.

He sent me a follow up message asking to me to "click here" for a customer response survey.

I did.

It didn't work.

I would have loved to praise Charlie Chat to the hilt.

There's a PS...

Today going thru some papers I came across my replacement card that I didn't realize was there.

I don't think I'll tell Charlie.

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