Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Locked out

Rick and I usually go out together. That we have one clicker is not a problem. EXCEPT today.

I was off to sushi and a catch up with J. on our lives.

He was off to get a certified copy of our marriage license for yet more paperwork, mail some stuff and a kebob. He would be back first: thus he had the clicker and the remote to open the rolloden (shutters) that covered our windows and door.

After almost catching up, J. pulled up to the gate. We are never at a loss for subjects.

I called Rick.

No answer. Reception is not always wonderful so not a surprise. J tried to email him but still that gate stayed shut.

I decided to use the old-fashioned intercom approach. I got out of the car went as close to the gate as possible and called in "dulcet" tones if one was deaf and under a pillow:


The gate opened.

J. drove off.

I went to our front door. The rolloden was still down. Hmmm

No one was in the little house and none of the upstairs doors were unlocked.

Then a truck pulled in. They were looking for someone whose name I didn't recognize.

Well someone had to be in the house because gates don't open automatically.

I knocked.

Sue Ellen was still there and had let me in.

Rick finally showed up. He had taken to wandering down town.

Then the house alarm sounded. We don't have a code.

Security showed up. We convinced them we weren't burglars.

I remember the good old days when I put a key in a lock and doors opened and life went on.


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Earl Mark said...

We have the same issue with out gate, and lesson learned after the same incident. My partner took the controller one day and was held up longer than expected. I was unable to get the gate to open without the clicker, so I had to call a local locksmith to come by and make one for me so that I was no longer a prisoner.