Thursday, October 27, 2016

Xmas shopping done

My Christmas shopping is done--well almost. 

I need to buy things for my daughter, but I can only get them in Geneva and I suspect I will be able to wind that up in about 15 minutes because I know exactly where to go. When I am back there next month, I will do it ASAP so I won't have to enter a store the entire Christmas season.

Yesterday, I spent about multi-hours on Amazon--and no, not everyone is getting books. And I was able to find things I really believe the recipient will like.

It would have been faster if I wanted the gifts shipped to one address, but some things needed to be sent to Geneva and some to Argelès where we won't be here to receive them. Thank goodness for a friend who will take them in.

Accompanied by cups of tea, it went pretty smoothly despite an expired credit card and a couple of things that could not be shipped to Europe. Those will go to my daughter for forwarding.

Granted Argelès is already putting up Christmas decorations because one company covers the whole region.

I won't feel Christmasy until early December but there is no pressure now to do anything but enjoy each day and then enjoy the holiday season.

Ho, ho, ho!!!

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