Saturday, October 22, 2016


When I worked for DCU, one of my nicknames was Bitty Bladder. As a member of the High Five, the top five managers, I often excused myself for the ladies room.

I can claim to be a toilet expert from the most luxurious Japanese toilet that not only washes you with warm water, I suspect makes sushi if you put the right ingredients to the basic French toilet with the place to put your feet and angle.

I've been in rest stop toilets, behind a tree when there are no toilets, etc.

Thus I was surprised at the condition of the JFK toilets. While waiting for my flight to Europe, I needed to use four.

All smelled of urine.

Two had metal plates hanging from the side panels.

The door handles on two did not fasten properly.

The flusher on one did not work and was loose on another.

JFK is said to be a world class airport.

Not according to their ladies rooms.

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