Thursday, November 01, 2018


There is a saying, "There but for the grace of God, go I."

Every time I think of the Caravan heading to the US, the refugees fleeing war in too many countries, the people where bombs fall all too often, where water is miles away and may not be clean, where food is never enough if any at all, I know how lucky I am.
  • By accident of birth, I was safe in the US during WWII.
  • I grew up at a time when myriad opportunities were open to women.
  • I received an excellent education thru to a masters in US and the UK.
  • My daughter was born healthy and what problems she did have were curable because of affordable health insurance and availability.
  • I fulfilled my dream of living in Europe.
  • I became the writer I always wanted to be.
  • I've been able to travel to most of the places I've wanted to go. 
  • Some jobs were fulfilling.
  • I had a chance to run my own business.
  • I am not rich, but I have enough. 
  • Top quality medical care has always been there when I've needed it.
  • Late in life, I found my soul mate.
  • Switzerland accepted me as a citizen.
This does not mean I haven't had problems: 
  • As an army wife, there was food insecurity at the end of the month BUT it was always temporary by days at the most.
  • A divorce was painful.
  • Some jobs only put money in the bank to survive and caused stress.
  • I've had cancer twice.
My problems are first world problems. I have to remember when dirty dishes in the sink annoy me, or a piece of furniture has clutter on it, I am safe, warm, well-fed, well loved. I am not walking hundreds of miles or crossing the sea in a make-shift boat to an unknown future that I hope is better than the fear and deprivation I've been living under but may mean different but equally bad challenges. 

I am unbelievably lucky, but more by an accident of birth than anything I've done. Had I been born elsewhere in a different time, I too, could be one of the desperate ones. I only wish that all the refugees, all the people fighting to get to safety, have a chance, too.


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