Sunday, November 04, 2018


As a Swiss, I am proud of our train system, which has beautiful cars, a good on-time record and the possibility of being able to get anywhere in the country almost hourly.

Today, we went to Figueras for a four-hour train trip to Madrid. The seats were some of the most comfortable I've seen on any train, bus or plane. The leg room exceeded airline economy and some airline business class. There was so much, I had a bit of trouble reaching the foot rest.

We no longer settled in our seats and a hostess wanted to know if we wanted coffee and offered a newspaper with apologies it was only in Spanish.

A movie, a Japanese Manga, played on the overhead screen.

We left on time, we arrived on time.

At the Figueres train station, they did put our baggage through an x-ray machine. Our shoes and belts stayed on our bodies.

Had we flown, which would have been more costly, we would have had to arrive at the airport two hours early. The flight would first have taken us to Paris which is the wrong direction. We would have missed the scenery.

Probably one of the most enjoyable train rides ever.

I still love Swiss trains, too.

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