Wednesday, November 09, 2005

8:30 bus

I am usually NOT on the 8:30 bus into Geneva. This is the bus filled with college-bound teenies. College in Geneva is what the US calls Junior High. There was standing room only as jeaned-teenagers, rainbow scarves wrapped around their necks, ladened with bookbags and notebooks called to one another, giggled and laughed. Their faces were happy.

One girl studyied her histoire notes probably for an exam. Obviously neatness counts for every word was legible, the drawings and charts could have been plucked off a computer, but were drawn.

By contrast the adults wedged between the kids looked put upon. Nary a smile could be found. The kids got off. Quiet descended, but none of the adults seemed to relax. I wonder what and when these happy kids will be turned into sour-faced adults. I hope never.

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