Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Breakfast for the soul.

One of the first things I do each morning is wander into my housemate's bedroom and look out her window at Lake Léman and the Jura.

I've been meaning for ever so long to take photos of the lake at the same time each morning for seven days  but haven't. One of those things I shoulda but dinna...

One day this week the lake had aqua stripes, another it was a grey blue. The Jura weren't there one day, snow covered the next. White caps were sprinkling the lake a third day. I did get the photo a few days ago of the pink sunrise and the setting moon which I posted.

It has more moods than names. This is from Wikipedia: "The first recorded name of the lake is Lacus Lemannus from Roman times; Lemannus comes from Ancient greek Limanos, Limènos Limne Λιμένος Λίμνη meaning port's lake; it became Lacus Lausonius, although this name was also used for a town or district on the lake, Lacus Losanetes and then the Lac de Lausanne in the Middle Ages. Following the rise of Geneva it became Lac de Genève (translated into English as Lake Geneva). In the 18th century, Lac Léman was revived in French and is the customary name in that language. In contemporary English, the name Lake Geneva is predominant."

The name isn't important nor the fact that it is the largest lake in Europe or so someone told me. 

What does matter is the lake is breakfast for my soul. 

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