Friday, February 22, 2013

Magic moment captured on canvas

After my daughter’s graduation from Napier University in Edinburgh last autumn, she and I took a tour around Scotland. The bus stopped in the country side and everyone poured out through a field and down a muddy slope to come to a waterfall with a little house.

The breeze was just enough to play with our hair. The aromatic clean water burbled and bird song filled the air. Being with my child albeit a very adult child, in that beautiful spot was pure magic. My camera could not capture the sounds and smells, but it did capture the memory.

In Argelès, I have a very talented neighbour, Pauline Stonehouse, who paints as furiously as I write. Different métiers, but the same passion. She captured the photo on canvas.

Annie, the local framer, along with myself and R spent a good amount of time trying to find exactly the right frame. Many were almost right, until R found the one that picked out the green. No matter that it was one of the most expensive. It was perfect and had I chosen any other I would have wished for that one.

The painting, which I picked up this morning in its frame, was immediately given a place of honour over the fireplace. 

Now I’m looking forward to having Pauline see here work in its new home.

But mostly, I have a vivid memory in front of me for that magical moment with my daughter.

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