Thursday, February 07, 2013

Scooby in the bidet

Every family has some silly tradition and if they don't, maybe they should have.

Scooby became a family joke. My daughter claimed that when she made any under-intelligent decision or even didn't wash the dishes, it was because she was traumatized as a child when I didn't buy her a Scooby stuffed animal.

Later I searched for a Scooby, but at that point no one was selling them. In the 90s, I got a call in Switzerland from one of Llara's friend who had been told the story of Scooby deprivation. He said that he'd found one, I think at Quincy Market in Boston.

"Buy it, I'll send you a check," I said.

It was a scam, which both admitted to later.

In all Llara's moves from Boston to DC, from Scotland to Switzerland to Geneva Scooby goes too. He is well travelled.

When she spent 2003/2004 with me in Geneva whenever she went out, I did something to and with Scooby. He stood at the ironing board, played cards on the balcony, read a book, was kidnapped (complete with ransom notes), etc.

Now Llara is back with me temporarily and so is Scooby. Thus she found him using the bidet.

My housemate caught on too. When Llara went to bed last night, she found a small package of Auer chocolate in Scooby's mouth.


Of course, but family silliness is fun. Of course, I have to keep on thinking original "adventures" for him.

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