Saturday, July 13, 2013

Surprise Celebration

While I was in the hospital having my broken face looked at, the official publication date of my new novel was happening. 

Guess which one I preferred?

Friday night Rick arranged a celebration party at the Café du Soleil with my writing mentor Susan Thiberghien (life blood of the Geneva Writers Group -- and her husband, my business partner and his wife, my housemate (whose skeleton photo for the cover, and editing makes her a collaborator in the best sense of the word) and a long-time friend.

The Café holds a special place in my heart. During the beginning years of the GWG we met there monthly. Also it was the first place Rick and I ate when we reconnected. So memories go back 20 years.

Over 400 years old, the café has the best fondue in the city, although none of us chose the renown dish as we ate out under the vines in the courtyard. 

Instead I had the gazpacho (swallow don't chew) and the rest had Malakoffs, which is a fried cheese ball along with a salad. The legend is that a Russian soldier after the Crimean War introduced the dish. It is only a local Geneva/Vaud dish. Dessert was profiteroles. 

My daughter doesn't consider she's in Geneva until she's had her fondue there often nagging me to make a reservation as soon as she has her airline reservation. Any reason, any season is good enough to go there. 

Years ago when my Japanese chins were still alive, we'd meet there at night. The manager would always say, "Bonsoir Albert, Bonsoir Amadeus," a pat on the head to each and then he'd add, "Bonjour Madame Nelson, Bonjour Mademoiselle Nelson" before showing us to our seats. 

For a panorama view

Put creative people together and the conversation was as lively as the food.

Having a broken face doesn't stop me from enjoying life and appreciating my friends and fiancé.

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